People's Rally 2000


The month: June (the 6th month of the year)

The day:  6th

The hour: 6AM

Is it the second coming? Wait, it's 6AM on 6/6/2000. 666! Is it the revelation of the anti-Christ (Bill Gates? Dr. Gene Scott?)  No, it's the People's Rally held at the front gate of Area 51. This photo is of the masses (OK, maybe 30 people) heading towards the warning signs at the border of the military base that the government denies exists.

Here the crowd gathers to hear several speakers. Note the vehicle on the hill observing. Could it be the cammo dudes?

On the left is Anthony Hilder. [Click here to visit his web site.] His message concerned who the target would be of the weapons developed at Area 51. The man on the right (sorry I missed his name) is warning about the military attacking US citizens. The photo shown is from the "Urban Warrior" training done by the US Marines around the US for the last few years. The message was repeated in Spanish, so apparently the opposition to the New World Order is bilingual. 

These are the cammo dudes who were spying on the crowd below. I got a good shot of the cammo dude on the left, but was asked not to show his face as these guys can loose their job if their face gets published. You will note this guy by the door really is a "man in black" and not a cammo dude. He even has a black turtle neck.  Now the guy in the truck is definitely a cammo dude, not to mention a coffee drinker. The license plates looks like the typical white government plates, with U.S. Government on the top and "official use only" on the bottom. Why even bother with plates? Does this vehicle (or the white jeep) ever leave the base? 

This photo is of a Mexican-American UFO club. The text on the sign does not make it past the Alta Vista translator, that is, it does not compute. I'll make the wild guess that 1020 AM radio out of LA may have been involved. Perhaps space aliens were involved as well.

This club appeared out of nowhere. I'm not sure where they are from, but their message is clear.

After the ceremonies, most of the participants left for the Little A'le'Inn to get breakfast, creating the usual Groom Lake Road dust trail. This photo was taken from Hawkeye Hill (OUR side of the hill). The cammo dudes often set up on their side of Hawkeye Hill, so this view is pretty similar to what the cammo dudes see doing their duty, which of course is to watch the visitors.

This is the view of the guard shack from Hawkeye Hill. You can't see the guard shack from Groom Road. If you climb Hawkeye Hill, you better watch what you are doing as the camo dudes own half the hill and we (OK, the BLM) own the other half. Crossing on their side of the hill could be ugly. The cameraman from the news crew made the trek up the hill, risking $40k worth of video gear to spread the truth.

Click on this photo to get a high resolution photo of the shack.

Update: a much better photo taken in October 2002 of the guard shack can be found on this page: