Red Flag 2005-3

Relax, lots of photos, just let it load......

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming

These photos are taken from an undisclosed location in the Nevada desert. Make that the cold, somewhat soggy, high Nevada desert. The helicopter is a Mi-24 Hind, and the biplane (yes, biplane) is an AN-2 Colt. Sorry for the poor photography on the Colt, but the photographer should have hit the spot meter button. Doh!


The Colt has a camo paint job, though you can't tell from this photograph! The plane is quite loud. It was flown on night missions as well.

MC130 (probably from Moffet)

This photograph was taken at the Alamo Airport. The locals call it an airport,  I would call it a dirt landing strip.


Just to give you a feel of standing on a hill in the desert, this is a view of a Tornado flying above the ET Highway, with the Sand Spring Valley in the background. Generally the lake is dry, but the winter of 2004-2005 was well above average in rainfall.

Harrier AV-8

Sorry about the grain, but this was really cropped.

The bottom of this plane was totally in the shadows, but I processed the image a bit to show the pod used in scoring the game. The inset image is some scrawl I swear is on the bottom of the plane, or there are demons trying to contact me with hidden messages in the film


Yes, it looks like a Mirage, but note the canard. The diagram is from the Army's airplane recognition graphic training aid.


Scramble Database - Query Results
You searched for Serial = '86-0258'     The query returned 1 record(s)
 Serial   Code   Type   CN   Unit   Status   First   Last   Comment 
86-0258   TH   F-16C-30-CF   5C-364   113th FS   act   aug95   aug03   IN ANG  

These photographs aren't particularly good except for the tail number being visible. Also note the scoring pod underneath the plane.

Live bombing

Perhaps the bombing is on Range 74, but its hard to tell. The mysterious S4 is in the foreground.

Ground units

Nellis AFB has filed with the BLM to hold regular Patriot Missile exercises. The diagrams on this page are from their environmental report.
patriot battery unit

Ground units were dispersed from the Alamo Airport up route 93 to Delamar.  The camp at the Alamo Airport (seen below) was used as a supply station for units further north. The color in some photographs may look a bit odd due to local overcast and occasional rain.

The truck below is from the center of the above photograph, tweaked a bit to bring out some detail.

A Patriot missile launcher from the photograph above is shown below.

Sentinel Radar

sentinel radar

The radar unit in the center was spinning. It was aimed just above the horizon.

This is an enlargement of the bicone antenna in the above photograph.

This person gets an A for good camouflage.